President's Exhibition Entry Rules Images entered into Rolls-Royce Photographic Society competitions must be entirely the work of the photographer, including all components of composite images. Novice or advanced workers may enter the open sections but any one picture may not be submitted for more than one section. Novices can also enter the open sections as well as the novice section, however still keeping to the maximum amount of images/prints per author stipulated in point 5 below. However advanced workers can only enter the open sections. No entry may have achieved an award in any previous Presidents Exhibition of this club. No straight copy of a digital image or print may be reproduced and entered. Digital images must be 1024px wide x 768px tall pixels maximum and in JPEG format. Where the image is smaller than these dimensions it should be put on a black canvas sized 1024px x 768px. Titling of the image must be ‘TITLE by Your Name.jpg’ e.g. SWIFT by Bob Smith.jpg. Entries should be submitted on a CD, memory stick or by email (CD and Memory Stick will be returned so please label clearly. Prints should preferably be mounted on card or board, with a mount size of 40x50cm. Titling clearly detailed on the reverse with your name and title of the print. The General Competition Rules which are contained on this website help clarify the above rules. These rules are mandatory. A total of 18 maximum digital projected images and 12 twelve maximum prints may be entered per author, but no more than 6 in any one section. Acceptance into the Exhibition will be at the discretion of the judge and decision of the judge is final. The copyright for all entries will remain with the author. The Jackson Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the panel section of the competition. The following special rules apply: Each panel to consist of four prints or four digitally projected images Each entry should constitute four different pictures which illustrate the entrant's breadth of photographic skill and artistic appreciation Each entrant may submit only one entry in the panel portfolio section Images used in the panel portfolio section may also be entered in the other sections subject to the overriding limit of 18 digital images and 12 prints per author The Judges award will be presented for the digital image or print which, in the Judge's opinion is the overall best in the Exhibition All trophies awarded at the previous year’s exhibition must be returned to the Exhibition Secretary at least one month before the following year’s President’s Exhibition.
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16 July 2018