Programme for 2018-2019 Visit our Facebook page here - here 2018 September 5 Members Welcome Evening 12 Confessions of a Competition Addict Robert Millin 19 Panel Competition Judge; Simon Hickie 26 Members Evening NEMPF Critique and Selection October 3 Monthly PDI Competition 1 Judge; Erica Oram 10 Rajasthan and the Shetland isles Colin New 17 Members Evening 24 Northern Chile and Easter Island Helen Willis    31   The Art of Metamorphosis Andrea Hargreaves November 7 Monthly Print Competition 1 Judge; Malcolm Sales 14 An Evening with Ian Pinn; Part 3 Ian Pinn 22 An Evening with Keith Lord Keith Lord 28 Members Evening December 5 Monthly PDI Competition 2 Judge; Dave Gibbins 12 Changing The Subject                                                          Sue Hartley 19 Pre Christmas Buffet 26 Christmas Break 2019 January 2 Christmas Break 9 From the Other Side of the Fence Vin Scothern 16 Members Evening 23 Monthly Print Competition 2 Judge; Ian Pinn     30    Highlands and Islands (print lecture) Ken Bryan February 6 NEMPF Exhibition                            13 Iceland Robert Falconer 20 Monthly PDI Competition 3 Judge; Vin Scothern 27 4 Way Battle with Beeston, Derby City and NNPS                             March 6 A Photographic Journey from Sea Level to Extreme Altitude     David Cudworth 13 Original Soundtracks David Gibbins 20 Members Evening 28 Monthly Print Competition 3                                                 Judge; Robert Falconer April 3 TBD 10 Members Evening                                                                                 17 W.W.W. Falklands Gianpiero Ferrari 24 Easter Break May       1 Presidents Exhibition       8   From Boots to Ballet Shoes                                                   Caroline Bridges      15  AGM
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16 July 2018