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16 March 2018
Latest News March 11th - NEMPF PDI Club Championships Very pleased to announce another victory in the N&EMPF PDI Club Championships… here are the scores ROUND 1 TOP 8 1. RRPS                       203 2. NEWARK                 184 3. BEESTON               180 4. NOTTM & NOTTS   178 5. SYNERGY               177 6. BOLSOVER            175 7. CLEETHORPES     174 8. CHESTERFIELD     173 8. PETERBOROUGH  173 We had one 15 and 4 x 14's FINAL ROUND 1. RRPS                       256 2. NOTTM & NOTTS    232 3. NEWARK                 227 4. BEESTON                224 5. BOLSOVER             222 6. CLEETHORPES      218 7. CHESTERFIELD      217 7. PETERBOROUGH   217 7. SYNERGY                217 We had one 15, 6 x 14's, & 5 x 13's. Thanks to everyone involved, let's do the same in the Prints. Bill Hall, Chairman AFIAP DPAGB ABPE Jan ‘18 - Rolls Royce win GB Open Cup! Results just in & we have won the GB Open Cup, our first open national trophy!  We’ve previously won 2 national nature trophies, including the GB Cup Nature (we didn’t compete in the GB Cup Nature section this year because 2 of our members were judges) but this is our first “open” national title.  76 clubs competed in the Large Club section (there’s a separate Cup for small clubs) Scores from first 19 clubs, plus awards etc. below; Dec. 21 - Rolls Royce come third in FIAP World Cup! Nov. 24th - Stunning results for Rolls Royce at N&EMPF It was another record year for us at N&EMPF - we took all the major awards except one & had 121 acceptances - over 40% more than the next nearest club.  Well done all! Full results are here - Nov. 9th 2017 - Rolls Royce now hold the GB Nature Cup and the GB Nature Trophy! The PAGB GB Trophy 2017 results have just come in and we’ve done exceptionally well…   Nature:   1 RRPS                       171 2 Chorley P.S.             162 3 Keswick P.S.            161   Our top 12 prints were; Darwins Heath On Bladder Campion Gianpiero Ferrari                   15 Silver Medal - Mike Sharples Award Dipper With Food                         Steve Shaw                           15 Bronze Medal - Best UK Bird Ringlet On Bracken Frond                 Jon Mee                                   15 Bronze Medal - Best Insect Mountain Hare In Habitat                 Gianpiero Ferrari                   15 Silver Medal - Kathryn Scorah Award Mayfly                                        Jon Mee                                   15   Kestrel Hunting                                Steve Shaw                           14   White Admirals On Blackberry         Neil Humphries                           14   Pied Kingfisher Landing                Jamie MacArthur                   14   Water Rail                                       Jamie MacArthur                   14   Oystercatcher In The Rain                 Steve Shaw                                14   Mating Meadow Browns                Jon Mee                                   13   Swallowtail                                Neil Humphries                           13                                                                                             Total 171 Open: 1 Arden Photo Group             164 2 Smethwick P.S.                   157 3 RRPS                                  156 Our top 12 prints were; Hero Worship                                David Keep                                 14   The Bitterest Pill                        David Keep                                 13   Travelling Man                                Neil Humphries                                 12   Impact                                        David Keep                                 12   Memories At Twilight                        Neil Humphries                                 15    Bronze Medal - Best Female Portrait Homage                                        Neil Humphries                          14   Soothing Waters                        Jon Mee                                   14    Bronze Medal - Best Creative Hand Off                                        Steve Shaw                           13   No Hands                                        Tony Ng                                   13   Painful Memories                            Katrina Mee                           12   Memories Of Summer                 Katrina Mee                           12   Clematis                                         Katrina Mee                           12                                                                                             Total 156   Highland Winter (Jon Mee) also won a Bronze Medal Oct ‘17 - Incredible World Ranking for Rolls Royce Member, Alan Young The Photographic Society of America (PSA) have just published their World Rankings & Alan Young comes in 8th on both the Mono & Colour PDI lists - well done Alan! PAGB Inter Club PDI Championships - Warwick 15th July 2017 Congratulations are in order. Our Club got through to the final at Warwick, finishing 2nd to world champions Smethwick after the first two rounds, ending up 4th behind Smethwick, Wigan 10, and 1 point behind Arden. Well done and congratulations to Jon Mee who recieved an award for the the best image in the competition for Highland Winter. Top eight club scores 1st Smethwick  282 2nd Wigan 10  277 3rd Arden  271 4th Rolls Royce  270 5th Inn Focus  267 6th Dorchester  261 7th North Cheshire  258
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